Melissa Proulx was born in Quebec and became involved with music and theater at an early age. She has been traveling and writing songs, singing, playing guitar, recorder and didgeridoo, and is now also learning accordion. Her life thus far has been an exploration of the Magic of Nature and the music that is born from that magic.

Don V. Lax began playing violin at age five, while living in Karachi, Pakistan. Lax attended music conservatories in Paris and Rome, culminating in 1974, when he decided to explore music beyond the classical realm. His first experience was with an Italian rock band, and by the age of 20 he had recorded his first two albums. Throughout Europe and Greece, he played in many settings- solo, and with various groups- performing every kind of music- from classical and gypsy to jazz, rock and popular folk melodies. Lax has also composed many original tunes, blending his Rumanian heritage, world influences and classical background.

Melissa and Don met at the perfect moment, when the realization of dreams becomes not only possible, but inevitable. In a fortunate conjunction of time, place, musical dreams and the advent of new recording technologies, this project took spontaneous birth from the day they first made music together. A blending of their European and Gypsy heritage and love of the Ocean and Mother Earth, the music that results in their communication with the whales is universal and deep.

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